Monday, January 11, 2016

Contoh Tugas Percakapan Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Tugas Percakapan Bahasa Inggris

A. Check In

Muhammad Nur Alam : Good morning sir
Herlina Haris : Morning
Muhammad Nur Alam : Can I help you ma’am?
Herlina Haris : I wanted to check in to the Surabaya-Jakarta
Muhammad Nur Alam : I can see the identity card and your ticket ma’am?
Herlina Haris : Of course, this.
Muhammad Nur Alam : Thank you, please wait a ma’ament I will make boarding pass
Herlina Haris : Yes sir.
Muhammad Nur Alam : Are there any items that you wish to store in baggage?
Herlina Haris : Yes, these items to be stored in the baggage.
Muhammad Nur Alam : Please enter your goods here and please wait a ma’ament ma’am.
Herlina Haris : Okay sir.
Muhammad Nur Alam : Sorry ma’am, your bag weighs 20 kilograms, weighing over 2 kg.
Herlina Haris : So? How now?
Muhammad Nur Alam : Do you want to store in cargo or brought this to the cabin?
Herlina Haris : Just bring it to the cabin.
Muhammad Nur Alam : Thank you ma’am. This is your goods.
Herlina Haris : Yes sir, you’re welcome.
Muhammad Nur Alam : This boarding pass and your identity card. With Mrs. Herlina Haris, your baggage label affixed on the back of the ticket.
Herlina Haris : Yes sir.
Muhammad Nur Alam : You can wait at gate number 5.
Herlina Haris : Sorry sir, where is the gate number 5?
Muhammad Nur Alam : Please straight into and up the escalator and turn right.
Herlina Haris : Thank you sir.
Muhammad Nur Alam : You’re welcome ma’am.

B. Airport Tax

Muhammad Nur Alam : Excuse me ma'am, I want to pay airport tax.
Herlina Haris : Please show ticket and your identity card sir.
Muhammad Nur Alam : This is.
Herlina Haris : Thank you sir.
Muhammad Nur Alam : You’re welcome ma’am.

C. Boarding

Herlina Haris : Sorry sir, can I help you?
Muhammad Nur Alam : This is really the gate 5?
Herlina Haris : Yes, this is true that gate 5.
Muhammad Nur Alam : Thank you.
Herlina Haris : You’re welcome.

D. Gate

“Welcome the esteemed passengers. Garuda plane to Surabaya flight number 456 immediately boarding.”
“Before doing Boarding please prepare an identity card and your boarding pass.”
“Save your flight.”